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Stiff Trigger is a Czech-American rhythm & blues band formed in 2010. The band and its repertoire was put together in 2010 and started performing in 2011. Professional musicians from the top of the Czech jazz-blues-rock scene form the Stiff Trigger and thanks to their various backgrounds the band fuses music genres such as soul, blues, funky, groove, jazz and blues rock.
The distinctive sound of the band comes mainly from the two keyboard players (piano and hammond organ), as well as four singers that swap lead vocals.
The founder of the band Tomas Homuta, who is deeply influenced by the music of the 60's and 70's (Spooky Tooth, Humble Pie, Little Feet, Grand Funk Railroad etc.) as well as classic and modern style blues (Lucky Peterson, John Mayall, Joe Bonamassa, and others), had a very specific idea not only about the instruments but also about the overall sound of the band. For many years, Tomas has been part of mainly Prague blues scene where he had the opportunity to meet excellent musicians.
First member to join the band was a jazz pianist and organ player Jakub Zomer who became interested in the idea of a band with two keyboard players. Next to join was a singer Vladka Svobodova whom Tomas met in a band The Cell. Her soul singing voice and expression are exactly what moves the band into another dimension. Vladka and Tomas are the leading vocals in the band.
Another great personality is a phenomenal guitarist and singer Dani Robinson (USA). He celebrated great achievements in the U.S and Canada, e.g. when he was part of an opening band for J. Page and R. Plant (Led Zeppelin) for their “Walking into Clarksdale” tour. During this tour Dani played at legendary music venues Madison Square Garden and Hollywood Bowl.
Marek Eichler was approached as bass player and after few alterations, Tomas Vokurka, whom Tomáš met in Roman Pokorný & Blues Box Heroes band, took up the drummer’s seat. They are both highly valued and often sought after musicians.